Nissan Qashqai Navigation code

NOTE - you don't have to remove the radio !


1. Turn the ignition switch ON.

2. It will ask for the "Radio Code".

3. To get the information we need to decode your Nissan radio code, you will need to enter an incorrect code 3 times.

4. The "serial number", "device number" and the "date" should display on the radio screen, (Please see the image for reference)

5. Please make note of this numbers and write it down in the columns.


After payment please send a photo of display (serial info) to



Or email


Refund Policy

100% money back if the code is wrong ! You will need to send us a video (include display serial info at the beggining of the video), enter and confirm the code as a proof ! Send the video via viber/whatsapp/email and you will get full refund! You are also covered with Paypal Purchase Protection, but please contact us first if there is a problem, we will help you!

Nissan Qashqai Navigation code


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    All codes ordered after 10pm will be sent after 7am next day